Air-con gas price rises

Painful news, if your air-con isn't working…

Reluctantly, due to a 200% increase in the price of r134a refrigerant gas, we’ve needed to increase our re-gas price to £75+ vat.

Why the sudden r134a price hike? Our understanding is that, it's due to the implementation of “phase down” legislations to control emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases):-

  • ’MAC Directive’ on Mobile Air Conditioning systems - Aimed at reducing emissions of HFC R134a from the air conditioning systems fitted to passenger cars


  • the ‘F-gas Regulation’ which covers all other key applications in which F-gases are used.

This also includes an “F-gas cap” resulting in a 30% reduction of CO2 tonnage being placed on the European market (from January 2018).

Get your Air-con checked ASAP as our guess is prices will keep rising!

  • Refrigerant producers have indicated, that they no longer have a long term commitment to produce Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants and are actively encouraging manufacturers to move as quickly as possible towards products that use the new generation refrigerant blends.
  • Increasing “Energy and Environment Surcharges (EES)” (per kg) being added to all GWP refrigerants.